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Hi, I am Miradil

Miradil Zeynalli

Platform Security Engineer at Axis Communications

I am a passionate software engineer with 5+ years of working experience. I have worked as Embedded Software Developer for 3.5 years and more than 1 year as Python Django Developer. Also worked remote projects both as Embedded and Web developer.

⚡ Fun facts

Favorite movies: The Dark Knight, 12 Angry Men
Favorite actors: Morgan Freeman, Ryan Reynolds
Favorite author: Dan Brown
Favorite book: The Da Vinci Code
Favorite sports: Chess, Basketball, Volleyball

Leadership & Team Work
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Platform Security Engineer
Axis Communications

Mar 2023 - Present, Lund, Sweden

Axis Communications is specialized in network cameras, especially for security.

  • Getting into kernel level functions and handling memory access.
  • Writing unit tests for newly added functionalities.
  • Working with OTP memories and manipulating them.

Lead Python Django Developer

Jun 2021 - Aug 2022, Baku, Azerbaijan

Starex is logistics company, which ships declarations from the USA, China and Turkey for both individuals and businesses.

  • Led team of 3 backend, 1 frontend and 1 mobile developers.
  • Maintained legacy code.
  • Refactored parts of the code, to increase scalability.
  • Integrated payment system.
  • Configured ELK + Filebeat stack for logging.
  • Documented and wrote test units for project, dramatically decreasing total count of bugs

Senior Embedded Software Developer
Sumaks Technologies

Nov 2017 - Jun 2021, Baku, Azerbaijan

Sumaks is a friendly team which specializes in hardware and firmware. Schematic, PCB design and assembly and firmware development was done resulting in localized product.

  • Worked on developing library for sensors and modules.
  • Updated old codes to more optimal and secure versions.
  • Researched solutions to reduce overall cost of project, including OTA, MQTT, LoRaWAN.


2022 - Present
Masters in Embedded Electrical Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
CGPA: 3.91 out of 4
Erasmus+ Exchange, Electrical Engineering
CGPA: 3.89 out of 4


5-stage RISC-V processor
5-stage RISC-V processor
Contributor Mar 2023 - Present

A simple 32-bit 5-stage RISC-V processor in SystemVerilog based on the book Computer Organization and Design by Patterson & Hennesy.

Kibrit 3G
Developer Mar 2020 - May 2021

Star network of low-power MCUs connected to host gateway via LoRaWAN. Gateway is connected to 3G network with SIM5300E 3G module

Smart LED Display v2
Smart LED Display v2
Developer Mar - Aug 2020

Extension of control for P10 displays using BeagleBone Black. Also comes with Java Desktop software to generate new fonts if needed, for Azerbaijani alpahabet

Lead Oct 2019 - Feb 2020

A device to detect air quality index by 14 factors (noise, dust, co2 level etc.) for Baku Transportation Agency

Owner Oct 2020 - Halted

Optimized version of optiboot, to suppport external flashing, enabling OTA update for any communication mean.


The temperature data of oil wells of BP was analized, visualized and outliers were indicated. The data was provided in Excel, and was tranformed and moved to MongoDB by us, to improve query time with date ranges. PyQT5 was used to create user-friendly interface to query date range and visu

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Qiskit Summer Schools
IBM Jul 2020

This intense two-week bootcamp was to give us deep insight about quantum computing and hardware

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning
Udacity May - Oct 2020

This Microsoft course on Udacity was an excellent introduction to how to use Azure for Machine Learning purposes.

Candidate Master of FIDE
FIDE May 2013

International Title from FIDE


CanSat Winners

Hackhathon - 2nd place

World Champion

2nd Degree Diploma